All in one Chore App for kids, for Every Member in the Family

Birdfin, one of the best chore app for kids you can ever come across, brings the whole family together through a series of fun-filled activities with dedicated online accounts for both parents and children.

Hello ‘Crystals’ World’s first digital money for families

Although it is a financial literacy apps for kids, Birdfin is for every member of the family. Parents can create a list of household activities for the children to do, who in turn get rewarded for completing them. Children can earn, manage, save and spend their crystals as real money with a dynamic and real-time pocket money manager and digital wallet.

The entire ecosystem of this kids money app is based on a strong footing of experiential learning. Also included in the application is a digital diary that helps children stay connected with their peers through social media. A chatroom induces communication, thereby, enhancing social skills and collaboration. Notwithstanding the money management app for kids, parents can also open and manage the spends of their children via a real banking account for minors.

With a host of e-commerce options in the Birdfin app, children can select how they want to spend their earnings and the parents can approve the choices made.

Everything and a lot more in Birdfin!

This is how Birdfin works

For Parents

  • Easy task scheduling & tracking

    This chore app for kids has a predefined task library with tasks defined by age and difficulty to choose from. It allows you to create tasks of your own, which could be recurring or onetime and can be auto-scheduled by week or month. Through this kids allowance app you can approve or deny a task completed based on your evaluation to help your child get better at it! You can track your child’s progress and behavioural growth.

  • Alerts & advice

    We assure you that our financial literacy app for kids will take care of your child’s financial and behavioural growth to your satisfaction. Our integrated system keeps you updated with your child’s activities on the app and you can also see how they are handling money through the spending and saving tracker and pocket money manager that are available in this kids allowance app.

  • Simple categorisation

    We know you love customizing, well you can do it on Birdfin! Parents can choose any age bracket and add tasks according to the difficulty level of your children! After all the game has to be fair, your child’s trust is important. We encourage parents to gift this best chore app for kids available in the market to their children.

For Children

  • Learning videos & lessons

    The best way to learn something is by doing it. And if your children want to learn how to complete a particular task, Birdfin has it ready for them. Your children get access to our resource library in order to learn better and quicker. This surely is going to be an insightful experience for your children!

  • Saving & spending

    Birdfin is easy to use by children get to understand what is a viable purchase, a reasonable demand, and a useful expenditure and how to save for them effectively. They also understand how important and fulfilling it is to donate and do something for the lesser privileged ones in the world and inculcate social skills.

  • Safe & secure

    Rest assured, our money management app for kids is a safe secure app. With the smart access control mechanism, as parents you have the ultimate authority to monitor every activity and you can modify decisions based on the child’s progress. All content presented is age-friendly and not harmful in any way. Transaction details are safe always and no data is shared with any third party.