Task by Age

All your questions answered about Task by Age.

  • How can I assign tasks to my child?

    Step 1: Go to Tasks.
    Step 2: Select the child you want to assign the task(s) to
    Step 3: Select the age group
    Step 4: Select the task(s) form the Task Library
    Step 5: Select the frequency of the task(s)

    You can also add Instructions for each task you assign. There is also a provision of creating your own customized task.

  • Are the tasks listed by age?

    It is a specially designed kids allowance app, where there are features to choose the age and other specifics. Once you go to the Tasks section, you can select a specific age band from the 3 bands depending on your child’s age. After this selection, you would be able to select any task(s) from the list under different categories and assign the same to your child.

  • How do I link my child’s tasks to allowance/crystals?

    In this kids money app, once you select a particular task to assign to your child, you get an option to select the number of crystals you wish to assign for that particular task. The number may vary depending on the difficulty and complexity of the task you are to assign.

  • How can I add extra tasks for goal based saving of my child?

    You can go to the Task section and assign a task, which is more long term oriented and based on the age of your child for a longer period of occurrence.

  • How can I make changes or delete a task for my child?

    Go to the Tasks Section > Click on a particular task > You will get two options, one to approve the task and the other to edit the task > Make the edits you wish to in the tasks, and it is done! This ease of allotting tasks and helping children learn makes Birdfin, the best money app for kids.

  • How can I undo a task completion, I have approved?

    You cannot undo it, but you can reduce the number of crystals initially assigned for that particular task if you feel that the task was not completed properly.

  • How can we mark tasks which are not done?

    The app will mark it and notify the child and the parent about the pending and completed tasks.