Payments & Transfers / Spending

Birdfin is a complete financial literacy app for kids, it makes your child aware of the value of money. All your questions answered about Payments & Transfers/Spending.

  • How can money received by my child be transferred to their savings bank account?

    The child can transfer the amount directly if he/she owns a POCKET Wallet. If not, the parent can do it through their POCKET Wallet.

  • How can my child’s grandparent transfer money to my child’s savings bank account?

    You need to create a separate account for them and they can make transactions on BIRDFIN on a regular basis as desired. It’s a chore app for kids1 and anybody can give the child a task, ensuring a complete learning of the importance of money.

  • How does a child do purchases, when he/she is not eligible for a Debit card or e-Wallet?

    You can download a POCKET Wallet on your phone instead and help your child do purchases through that under your supervision.

  • Can my child use Birdfin to make purchases?

    Yes, your child can request for a purchase but only after you approve the purchase request. BIRDFIN has Amazon & Flipkart as its e-Commerce Partners. This app is a comprehensive kids allowance app that makes sure every completed task is rewarded.