Parental Controls

All your questions answered about Parental Controls.

  • Will I be able to check progress of task completion by my child on a regular basis on this chore app for kids?

    Yes, you can track the process of task completion anytime on BIRDFIN. Select the child whose progress you want to view, select the particular task and you will be able to view the progress your child has made in completing that particular task.

  • Based on my child’s performance, will I be able to reward or penalize my child?

    Yes, BIRDFIN has this option too. On your homepage, you get the option to add a Bonus or Fine for any child for a particular task. You can access and modify it at any point of time depending on your satisfaction based on how the child has completed the task. Birdfin is by far one of the most comprehensive money apps for kids. It allows you to analyze your child’s behavior and progress accordingly.

  • How can I control my child’s over spending?

    The child cannot make any transaction on his/her own unless the parent approves it on the BIRDFIN app. The number of crystals rewarded and the amount of pocket money transferred to the child’s account is entirely the parent’s call. This is the kids allowance app’s regulatory measures to help children understand the importance of spending wisely.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of purchases my child can make using their Wallet?

    Yes, inputs awaited— range /or limit can be set by you on the BIRDFIN app, over and above, all purchases are approved only by the parent, irrespective of the child having or not having a wallet.

  • Will there be checks and controls, who my child adds to his/her Birdfin network.

    Yes, you can track, monitor and manage all your child’s activities on BIRDFIN.