Digital Wallet

All your questions answered about Digital Wallet.

  • Does Birdfin have a digital wallet?

    Yes, it does! The POCKET Wallet is BIRDFIN’S own Digital wallet which can be used to make purchases and transactions online. Birdfin is a complete money management app for kids, touching every aspect of learning, earning, spending and saving. 

  • Does Birdfin have a digital wallet partner?

    Yes, it has the POCKET Wallet, which is a VISA powered eWallet provided by ICICI Bank.

  • Is my Child eligible for a Pocket Wallet?

    Yes, if he or she is aged 14 years or above.

  • Can I have a Digital Wallet through Birdfin?

    Yes, you can download it (Add download links for Android & iOS)

  • Will Birdfin help me monitor, manage the spending of my child’s digital wallet?

    Yes, you can track the transactions and monitor the expenses over any customised time period on our money app for kids. You can track the Pocket money transfers, donations made, and amount spent on online purchases too.