Getting Started

All your questions answered about Getting Started.

  • How does Birdfin, a money app for kids work?

    BIRDFIN is one of the finest money management apps for kids. Its money management and value learning features are designed to help children learn money before they earn money. On the app, parents can assign “tasks” to their children and upon successful completion of the task, parents can approve completion and award “Crystals” which they can eventually convert into real currency! This money gets credited to the Child’s savings account and the balance could be transferred into a Digital Wallet whenever the children have an expense to incur. It is a chore app for kids, ensuring a disciplined way of learning the value of money.

  • How do I set up a Birdfin account?

    Setting up a BIRDFIN account is just a few clicks activity, unlike other financial literacy apps for kids. You can visit the BIRDFIN website and register for the Birdfin App.
    Step 1: Register using a valid email address and a contact number
    Step 2: Set up a password for the account
    Step 3: Verify the system generated OTP
    Step 4: Choose a 4-digit pin for the account
    Step 5: Confirm the pin and get started!

    You can go ahead and add other family members’ details too, whenever you want!

  • How do I add your children/how many children can you add?

    After successful registration, you will get a prompt asking you to add your child. Once you add the first child, you get another prompt asking if you wish to add another child.

    Alternatively, you can go to your Profile > Edit > Add Child option to add your child’s details. You can add a maximum of 3 children. You can use it as your kids allowance app to keep a tab on their money related behaviour.

  • How do I add my spouse?

    It is a money management app for kids that can be controlled by both the parents. After you have registered, a prompt will appear on the screen asking if you want to invite your spouse. Enter the mobile number of your spouse and an invitation is sent to them immediately.

    Alternatively, you can go to your Profile > Edit > Add Family member option to add your spouse’s details.

  • How will my child login to Birdfin?

    After you sign up as a parent on BIRDFIN, you are asked to add your child’s details. Once the child’s profile is created, he/she needs to create his/her login credentials which would be used by him/her to login to their own BIRDFIN account. Our app is the best chore app for kids, designed specially, making it kids friendly.

  • What are Crystals?

    “CRYSTAL” is a part of the reward system BIRDFIN operates on. Upon successful completion of any “task” assigned to the child by the parent(s), “CRYSTALS” are credited into their account. These crystals eventually get converted to a real currency which gets credited to the kid’s bank account, and eWallet whenever the parent decides to.

  • How will I open a savings bank account for my child?

    BIRDFIN has partnered with one of the leading Banks in the country, ICICI Bank Ltd. for all transactional activities on BIRDFIN.

    While you begin the registration process on BIRDFIN, you get an option to opt for any assistance in opening a Savings Bank Account with ICICI.

      If you select the checkbox, an ICICI Bank representative will get in touch with you and help you with the entire process of opening your child’s Savings account with the Bank. This financial literacy app for kids7 helps in educating about money management in various ways.

  • What is Pocket wallet and how does it work?

    POCKET is a VISA powered eWallet for your child provided by ICICI Bank. It can be used to send money online, recharging mobiles, shopping anywhere (online/offline), pay bills and much more. The crystals earned by your child would be converted to real money through this wallet only upon your approval.