All your questions answered about Allowances/Rewards/Crystals.

  • What is crystal?

    A “CRYSTAL” is a form of reward given to the child by the parent after the child has completed the assigned task properly and satisfactorily on our chore app for kids. This is an approach to acknowledge the child’s effort and add value to it. Birdfin is known to be the best financial literacy apps for kids available as it educates children about the value of earning money with hard work. Just like a piggy-bank, all of the crystals earned by the child are saved in their Digital Wallet. These crystals eventually get converted to real currency which gets credited to the kid’s bank account, whenever the parent decides to.

  • How can I convert crystals into money? What is the conversion rate?

    There is an inbuilt Conversion table for your easy reference. You can access it (Add the path)

  • What percentage of the crystal money goes into my child’s savings bank account?

    30% irrespective of the total amount converted from the crystals earned which may vary every month, depending on the crystals earned that particular month in the money management app for kids.

  • How much money can be transferred to my child’s savings bank account?

    Yes, a minimum of 30% is mandatory, it can however be increased as the parent wishes to, at any time.

  • Are rewards for children who perform or over perform consistently through Birdfin?

    No, it is for any child who has completed the task assigned by parents properly within the specified time span. Birdfin is also known to be the best chore app for kids that records and rewards kids for their day to day work.