Learning money before earning money

Our mission is to help children understand money better in their formative years, through our 'teach like a friend' approach.

Birdfin helps children learn money, before they earn money

The first ever money management app and learning app that helps children understand money better through experiential learning approach. Through a smart access control system, parents can assign “tasks” to their kids and upon successful completion, reward them “Crystals” Birdfin’s digital money, which eventually gets converted into real money!

Let your child grow with us!

Meet our family

The Parents and Founders

The idea and development of Birdfin was conceived by four parents and successful technocrats, with over 120 years of collective experience. The vision was to create a value based ecosystem for children to learn life skills and money management. We want our children to be financially independent, responsible, and thrive when they go out to face the world.

  • Sandeep Suri


    One of the best ways to equip our children for future success, is to help them become life-long learners. I thought there can’t be a better way, if I can inspire my younger child to be more independent through an experiential learning process, combined with the concept of token economy to teach him some important life skills. And that’s how, Birdfin was conceived!

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  • Ritesh Mehrotra


    With my parents working, I had the opportunity to be independent right from my childhood. Them being bankers, learning the concepts of money was inevitable . Children today are missing the fun associated with doing small things on their own, as they have all the possible household support at home. A 75 year old Harvard study validates this theory and it inspired me to develop an ecosystem for kids, which is Birdfin.

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  • Swapan Kumar Dutta


    From an early age, I was into helping parents with household work and was exposed to chores and money management. This helped me become independent in my growing years, many others did not have the same experience. It is essential that children learn life skills, specifically money management during their growing years to become independent individuals. It is this thought, which gave the fillip to conceive and develop Birdfin.

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  • Rajeev Chadha


    My experience at home with kids proved the importance of making them well versed with basic life skills including money matters. This experiential learning will give them head start in their next phase of life. The need of the hour is to learn-by-doing, backed by enough and more success stories around experiential learning where self- efficacy helps them to build their confidence that makes these kids stand on their own right from their young times!

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Supria Radhakrishnan


Pursuing a doctorate in Educational Psychology with a concentration in applied behaviour analysis from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Supriya is also a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. Most of her work is with children with development disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder, in home and clinical settings.

Her research interests include applied behaviour analysis, challenging behaviour interventions, and teaching natural change agents (e.g., parents, teachers) to implement interventions. She has published her research in journals including Exceptional Children, Behavioural Interventions, Journal of Development and Physical Disabilities and Journal of Behaviour Education.