Child Account Setting

All your questions answered about Child Account Setting.

  • Can my child login themselves and access their Birdfin account?

    Yes, if you have created his/her account. The child needs to set up his/her own login credentials to access the account. This can be done independently or with the parent’s assistance based on their age and understanding of the digital space.

  • How can I make changes to my Child’s details?

    Go to the Home Screen > Edit > Select the child > Update the fields you wish to > Save the settings.

  • How do I add or change my child’s profile photo?

    Go to the Home Screen > Edit > Select the child > Add a new picture (Browse the gallery or click a new picture) > Save the settings.

  • How can I approve or deny my child’s purchase request?

    You will get an instant prompt if your child has made a purchase request on BIRDFIN. You can approve or deny the request based on your evaluation of whether or not the child needs it. You can also view if the child has sufficient crystals in the BIRDFIN wallet to make that purchase.

  • How can my child who does not have a wallet, spend money through the app?

    If a child who is eligible for the POCKET Wallet but does not have it, it can be easily downloaded using (Add the download link for Android & iOS) However, if the child is not eligible to get his/her own POCKET Wallet, he/she can use the parent’s POCKET Wallet under the parent’s monitoring.