Where growing minds learn money

A smart step towards teaching your children the value of money and helping them inculcate good money habits in their formative years.

Help your children learn the mantra of money

We help your children learn the entire life cycle of money management i.e. from earning, spending and saving. Moreover they also learn about the value systems, the morals, and ethics involved in the world of money, helping them to grow into adults who understand the mantra of money better.

Let your children earn for a job well done

We believe in rewarding children for their honest efforts to encourage them to strive for better. ‘Crystals’ is the digital money of Birdfin, every child will earn crystals for completing tasks assigned to them and you in turn will convert these into real money and transfer into their savings bank account and digital wallet.

Enable your children to save for their goals

Most often children are not able to appreciate the hardships their parents go through in getting their favourite birthday present. The idea here is to educate them about the financial security and the joy of having achieved something on their own by teaching them how to budget, spend and save effectively for their goals.

Empower your children to spend wisely

We want to help your children identify their expenditures and spend their savings wisely, through a practical approach in their formative years only to make their future learning better. Parents can monitor their child’s activities and be assured of their financial upbringing wisely teaching them all about money like a friend.

Hello 'Crystals'
World's first digital currency for families

For every member in the family

This is how Birdfin works


  • Easy task scheduling & tracking

    A vast library for varied age groups to assign and schedule for either or all of your childern with easy progress tracking.

  • Alerts & advice

    Our integrated systems helps you track your child's activities, alerting you to sit them down to give them a few financial tips.

  • Simple categorisation

    Parents can choose and add tasks for any age-group, choose the difficulty level appropriate for their kids, tweens and teens.


  • Learning videos & Lessons

    The best way to learn something is by doing it. Your children will get access to our resource library to learn better and quicker.

  • Saving & spending

    Children get to understand what is a viable purchase, a useful expenditure and how to save for them effectively.

  • Safe & secure

    Birdfin is safe and secure for your children with the age-friendly content and secured transaction data.